Join me monthly for a journey of healing with music as therapy.

Women’s Empowerment Group

Therapy Process Group

“A Woman with a Voice is, by definition, a Strong Woman.”

— Melinda Gates

Mindful Communication: the art of identifying what you are feeling in the moment and being able to put thoughts and feelings into words as you are aware of them.   

Practicing mindful listening and sharing offers an opportunity to move past limiting beliefs and fears. In this group, we will learn how to identify, understand and manage intrusive thoughts and difficult emotions when sharing, improve communication skills by practicing the art of focusing with intentional listening and increase satisfaction in relationships and in life by learning to honor our boundaries. By participating in the group, you will also learn how to confidently and compassionately give and accept support. This group will honor each woman’s unique personal journey within a supportive, trusting and nurturing environment.

Journeying through life does not have to be done alone. In this group, women are encouraged and supported as they make changes that lead to increased self-esteem, worth and confidence. Learning how to identify, understand and manage difficult emotions, improving communication skills, increasing satisfaction in close, intimate relationships, learning to set and maintain healthy boundaries and overcoming self-destructive thoughts and behaviors are intertwined as women learn to trust and nurture. Members develop deeper connections, by developing awareness of their needs and learning new ways of responding to difficult feelings such as sadness, loss, and anger. The journey of group experience is one traveled with support and challenge as, together, the members’ experience, express, understood, respect and commit to working with one another. As they work with one another, each woman recognizes and learns how to voice her unique journey of and learns ways of responding to herself on a basis of personal meaning rather than relying exclusively on meaning defined by others.

Women’s Sacred Journey Group

Spirituality Focused Experiential/Expressive Arts

Therapy Group


‘Spirituality’ means: in search for the ‘Sacred’  This group is for women who desire to deepen their relationship to their spirituality and want to experience a stronger connection with all that exists. This group will learn and experience spirit through various forms of spirituality including Chakra work, Reiki, Yoga, Animal Guides, Drumming, Astrology and other nontraditional forms of spirituality. 

In this group, women will have the opportunity to cultivate and share their unique gifts of spirit within a space of acceptance and nurturance.

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Currently serving:
Houston area: The Heights, Oak Forest, Garden Oaks, Memorial, Montrose.
The Woodlands: Spring, Tomball, Conroe, Montgomery, Willis.