Energy Release and Chakra Balancing/Healing

When a woman’s life’s energy flows easily, she feels balanced and clear but this energy can get stagnant or stuck when left unattended, ignored or just unknown.  Just as your emotions need healing, so does your energy require healing and release. Reiki allows you to experience your energy and practice being the receiver rather than the doer. To learn to fully embrace the experience you are having and accept whatever you most need in the moment. It opens energy blocks that show up as moods you can’t shake, body aches and pains, impulses or obsessive thoughts. Reiki cleanses your energy and protects you from getting exhausted and burned out.  

Reiki is a subtle form of energy healing that promotes calm and release. It energizes and strengthens your body’s natural healing ability activating whatever is your highest good. It relaxes the receptive responses and balances the energy across all systems — mind, body and spirit. I will also use Chakra energy work and healing within my Reiki healing sessions.  


Body Healing

You can connect to that deep well of wisdom your body carries, learn to let go of what your energetically holding onto and create space to for what you most desire.

When a woman is separate from her body she is separated from herself. Working with me you will experience new ways of connecting to yourself. By utilizing all of what you experience in a session we take the healing power of traditional talk therapy beyond where words alone can take you. Working somatically means we will be working with the whole of you. All that is you. You will learn to attend to the whole experience of yourself thoughts, sensations, and emotions. You will learn to attend to yourself with compassion and interest rather than anxiety and fear and move towards yourself with grace and confidence. Changing the story you tell yourself about who you are. You will learn how to release the built up charge that lies within your nervous system and move forward with renewed strength.Somatic experiencing is the awareness that your body serves as your guide. It recognizes that your body has to be part of the healing process. When women have been taught distrust her body, to control it into submission with force and to view her body as only good enough ‘if’ then she naturally disconnects from that wisdom. What is revealed shows up as separateness, resistance and fear. Somatic experiencing puts you safely, fully and completely back in your body. It helps you feel at home and safe in the container of who you are. It gives you back your sacred vessel.


Spiritual Connection/Exploration:

Embody your divine feminine. Have you been interested in developing a spiritual connection but don’t know how to cultivate it or struggle with conflicting beliefs? Do you feel guilty or feel secretive for your beliefs that may differ from the social norm? Have you experienced religious or spiritual damage and feel confused by messages or traditions that do not affirm you. No matter what it looks like for each of us we are always connected with the spirit, the True Self, of what and who we are. When you tune into the energy of your divine feminine, you bring forth the qualities of nurturing, intuition, connection, compassion and healing into your life. A woman’s soul is not separate from her body. Her body is not the cage for her mind.

Spiritual exploration is about awakening to the illusion of your separateness. Real change comes from the inner work of attending to your soul and discovering who you really are. Only then can you realize your innate capacity for wholeness. I offer a space for you to explore your beliefs and live them out.

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