Returning to My Senses

Returning to My Senses


The infamous group therapist Irvin Yalom’s last, yes last in that way too, book is called ‘Becoming Myself.’

Isn’t that what we all really want – to fully become who we are meant to be? But just like the person who, on any given day, is sitting across from me on my therapy couch asking me ‘Great, so how do I do that?’

If you’re like me you dearly love Glennon Doyle and listen to her for all the same reasons.
Well, I have done some really hard things just like you and I’m here. I am NOW HERE. As Ram Dass rings in my ears… I am HERE NOW.


I have returned to my senses.
I know who I am.


Many of you have experienced this dramatic change in myself upfront and personal and for many of you it has been a more distant looking in awareness. I want you to know I see you too. As I have matured and grown as a person and therapist, I have intimately experienced the change and difference that can happen in our healing and recovery when we involve ALL aspects of our being. When we leave nothing out. When we truly understand that it is our body, soul and mind that are present in every moment and we know we have access to them for guidance on our path to healing we can truly embody our healthiest selves.


My practice is now incorporating soul, body and mind approaches to traditional talk therapy.


Over the last 6 years the practice of yoga has changed the way I feel in my body and therefore transformed my therapy practice. It has reconnected me to myself in ways that talk therapy never could. Through yoga I have learned to listen to the wisdom of my body, befriend her and as weird and daring it is to say this – to TRUST her. It has freed me from the cell of my mind. I knew I could no longer merely offer talk therapy alone. There was just too much untapped inside. I have since been selling yoga to every client and every other person I know.


Enlightenment is Freedom

If Enlightenment means anything at all – it’s Freedom. What are the things that keep you from being enlightened? Those things that keep you from knowing your light? Those things that keep you from being the light that reveals your own path? When we incorporate all aspects of ourselves soul, body and mind we are made aware of our own inner knowing and we are en-lightened by it. We are made aware of the light within us and we are set free from the darkness that hides our light. When we see what is beyond the thoughts we set our minds free. And, when we invite our bodies into the process, we set what ever is inside us free.

So much kept me from the knowing that was beyond my minds way of knowing. I had fully entrusted my thoughts – I can be a really good insight oriented therapist, but, not my body, that was uncharted territory. Over the last 6 years this new adventure of the body has led me to attain additional training, experience and deeper understanding of what it means to truly free in me. I now offer them to you. I am proud and a little nervous (a very dear friend once told me ‘if you’re nervous that means it matters a whole lot’) to be putting my stuff out there. I am in every sense of the word still, and forever will be, a Therapist what ever that means to you. But, this therapist has done some hard things and she wants to help you do some hard things too. I offer you approaches that seek to feel into all of who you are. As another friend is infamous for saying; ‘stay in the flow.’


Body Flow –

Trauma Sensitive Somatic Yoga, Sacred Pilates, Somatic Experiencing

Neither Yoga or Sacred Pilates are exercise rather they are body oriented approaches. They are wonderful approaches to help ground you, orienting you to your body and your senses of power and choice educating you about your nervous system and learning ways to connect to deeper awarenesses of Self.


Mind Flow –

Talk Therapy – the talking cure and continues to be the foundation of all of my work.

Brain Spotting, EMDR
Both are very powerful focused approaches that help process experiences that feel stuck and frozen in time.


Spirit Flow –

Reiki, Spiritual connection and exploration
Energy release and spiritual expression are now a part of my work. Chakra work, drumming and other modalities for deeper energy connection.


Group Flow –

Women’s Therapy and Yoga Groups

I continue to offer group work. I am a Group Groupie and I love the power of a group. I truly believe that it is within relationship that we are harmed and it is within relationship that we are healed.


Empowerment is Embodiment

My passion continues to be to empower the Highly Sensitive, Intuitive and Empathic woman to embody herSelf. The woman who, by nature, is sensual yet struggles to embody her own senses. The one that often gives so much but feels so disconnected to herself. The woman who has forgotten who she is but nonetheless still hears a whisper in moments when she’s alone. The woman who knows there’s more to her but doesn’t know how to become HerSelf.

There have been so many changes these last 6 years but one thing that continues and is even more clear now is I want to help empower that woman to return to her senses of wholeness and completeness. To help her in her knowing, her enlightenment of self and in her embodiment of that knowing – body, soul and mind.

Therapy for Women

Therapy for Women

The intricate process of womanhood is undeniably beautiful and complicated and what it means to be a woman is different for, well, each woman. What does it mean to you to be a woman? How would you describe what it’s like to be a woman? What does it even mean to you to be a woman?

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I’ve Lost My Mind

I’ve Lost My Mind

I’ve lost my mind…at least it seems. A woman standing behind me points out my unzipped back pack; ‘Ma’am, you need some help closing that up. You might not want to lose anything in there.’ I politely complied. Moment later, the flight was cancelled. My friend goes into immediate action mode and seems to know exactly what options there are and begins to make decisions about how we can progress. In my freeze response – I don’t. I do, however, notice my feelings of lostness. My feelings of not knowing what to do and looking to others for direction. In that moment, the pattern, the role, the identity, the Me I know myself to be, had revealed herself to remain very present throughout the retreat. It was my ‘Passionately Held Bad Fit’ as it is referred to among us therapists.

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Body Flow

Body Flow

My therapeutic approach is Somatic, I believe that for every thought and feeling there is a physical response in the body. Rather than just talking about your issues, you will experience a whole body therapeutic experience. You will learn to identify and connect with your sensations, learn to listen and rebuild trust with your body, experience healing from within and learn to release stress from your body.

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