HSP, Empaths & Intuits

If you identify as a Highly Sensitive, Empathic or Intuitive woman you know how deeply you feel. You are also very aware of what others feel. You are more finely tuned, deeply reflective and very aware of the details of life. The blurred emotional boundaries that comes with this kind of sixth sense, or internal knowing, can leave you feeling perpetually exhausted, misunderstood and confused and alone. It is imperative that you know how to regulate yourself and attend to your powerful sensitivities so you can feel safe in your own body.

I offer you a safe space for you to process your unique experiences, identify and separate your own feelings from others and learn ways to embrace and cultivate your gifts. Having a place to be supported, process and cultivate your gifts is imperative to living out your gifts healthy and balanced.


The best part of the story is when it changes

If you’re going through something major in your life right now you’re probably questioning yourself, reevaluating what is and isn’t working and whether you feel fulfilled. You may be feeling that you can’t recognize or know yourself. Are you wondering how you got here? Feeling like you left Her – somewhere along the way? Challenging life transitions are ruptures in a woman’s life that requires her to surrender old paths and ways of doing things that won’t work going forward. They are one of the most common reasons women seek therapy. You don’t have to suffer, our work will help you see what you’re going through as the path to know yourself more deeply so you can realign with your authentic self and continue to grow and thrive.

Embodiment therapy helps you heal the grief that comes with change, grow and continue beyond the confusion and pain you are currently feeling. Our work will help you see the choices you are making and help you take action on those decisions so you can create a new way of life that continues to nourish and nurture you.


Listening to the wisdom of your inner HER…She trusts that I am listening.

When your inner girl heals your Goddess will be revealed. For many women, her inner girl has been denied, betrayed, left or long forgotten. The innocent self love and wonder, playfulness, and access to your internal joy have been neglected and replaced by self shame, responsibilities, self neglect, unending expectations, goals, and endless worries. She may have forgotten her inner compass – her inner Her.

Embodiment helps you explore through your adult life while holding the hand of your inner girl. You get to reclaim your relationship with her by healing what feels stuck in time. You’ll build a new healthy relationship with her in which you and she can both feel important and seen – whole and complete.


We are not changing what happened to you – We are changing the way it lives in you.

We are a whole beings — spirit, body and mind and emotions. Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and Brain spotting are powerful specific techniques that work by opening new pathways within your mind while helping you to release the charge of energy out through your body. They are both mechanisms that allow us to get into those deep spots that just won’t budge. Both can help open spaces within you that feel stuck that show up as obsessive thoughts, disturbing images, a traumatic experience, irrational or limiting beliefs you may have about yourself.

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