Group Flow. Group Therapy is where we come together as a divine feminine collective to support and lift one another to our best selves.


Therapy Process Group

Practicing mindful listening and sharing offers an opportunity to move past limiting beliefs and fears. In this group, we will learn how to identify, understand and manage intrusive thoughts and difficult emotions when sharing, improve communication skills by practicing the art of focusing with intentional listening and increase satisfaction in relationships and in life by learning to honor our boundaries. By participating in the group, you will also learn how to confidently and compassionately give and accept support. This group will honor each woman’s unique personal journey within a supportive, trusting and nurturing environment.

Journeying through life does not have to be done alone. This small group of women are encouraged and supported as each one collectively makes changes they desire that will lead her to increased self-esteem, worth and confidence. Through mindful listening and supportive sharing, each woman learns how to identify, listen and express her emotions, learn to communicate what she is feeling in the moment, increase the connection of close, intimate relationships, learn to set and maintain healthy boundaries and overcome self-destructive thoughts and behaviors.

This group is for women who desire to move past her limiting beliefs and fears. The women develop deeper connections by developing awareness of their needs and learning new ways of responding to difficult feelings.

The journey of group experience is one traveled with support and inspiration as, together, we express, understood, respect and commit to working with one another. As they journey with one another, each woman experiences listening to her own unique voice and her unique journey. She has the opportunity of listening and honoring others journeys, sharing the experience of empowerment.

Chakra & The Feminine Journey

A 8 Week Yoga Women’s Sacred Journey To Self Group 

The Chakras are energy centers that flow that moves within us. They are important for regulating emotions and promoting balance.

Learn what the 7 Chakras are, how they function and how you can keep them open and flowing for your well being.

Each week will begin with a time of orienting and grounding, discussion of a Chakra, followed by a group somatic yoga/asana practice incorporating the theme and ending with a group circle for sharing of insight and connection.

This is a group for women who want to learn and explore Embodied Somatic Yoga and the Chakra’s in a group through a feminist affirming somatic experience.

For women who desire community through movement and sharing of space and intimate discussion.