Change is the reason people seek out therapy.

Change is the reason people seek out therapy.

Hello Loves and Happy Autumn! Cooler mornings and earlier sunsets are showing us that change is in the air. The longer shadows and the thinner air might bring with it a strange sense of nostalgia and a familiar yet strange kind of loneliness. Change is more than the physical differences that are happening, it affects us on a cellular level.

The seasons remind us that change is both necessary and leads to wonderful things like leaves and sunsets returning to gold. Change also brings with it body reminders like smells and rituals of those things in our past that need further attention and healing.

Change is the only reason people seek out therapy.

Anxiety is the most common reaction to change. It is your body’s natural response to the question “Who are You?” Ask yourself right now “Who AM I …. In this moment?” Sit back and take a deep breath and notice your response. Notice your body’s response. What do you feel and where do you feel it? Anxiety is the warning light, if you will, to your consciousness that you have lost your sense of Self. It is the warning signal that you are offline and have left the building. When we are going through a transition in life or there is change (and we are always going through a change) it is imperative that we are learning the necessary skills that will help us realign and remember who we are so that as we can heal what might still be behind us keeping us from growing forward. Change is the only reason people seek out therapy.

My therapy practice has been going through a kind of transition itself and I’ve got some new exciting offerings I want to tell you about them. My hope is that they will be helpful to you on your road to healing and growth and change.

Chakra & The Feminine Journey:

An 8 week therapy group for women who want to strengthen their relationship with their body’s natural healing energy. The Chakras are our internal energy centers that link our mind, body and spirit. Resourcing our Chakra’s helps restore emotional balance and regulate energy in the body. These energetics are available for your own growth and healing and learning to use them is your given right.
In this small group of like minded women, the 7 Chakras will be our guide for deeper connection to ourselves. Come learn about the Chakras, how they function and how you can keep them open and flowing for your well being. We will be connecting with each energy source through mindful somatic movement and sacred sharing and we explore each Chakra understanding how to unlock their power and balance them within our bodies.
Wednesday Evenings: 6:30-8 pm Starting Sept 28-Nov. 16

Women’s Retreat

‘Who Are YOU?’ Asked the Jabberwocky to Alice. “Are you the REAL Alice?”

Have you ever wondered where your muchness has gone? Do you wonder who you are? Please join us for Adventures in Wonderland to recover your muchness, create, share, enter into your body through yoga, fresh food and reconnect to your own rhythm.

An intimate gathering of women who desire to explore this question more deeply. The weekend will incorporate various embodied experiences that will help you answer the question of just ‘Who You Are’

Using Johnny Depp’s version of ‘Alice In Wonderland’ as our foundation, the retreat will be a weekend of exploring our Feminine Selves through food, rituals, somatic movement, art, a drum circle and other group togetherness.

I will be co-facilitating along with Laura Laine, RD the owner of Sophia Grace Center and Michelle Wimberley, Wellness Coach and Yoga Therapist. This retreat will be held on a Retreat Center in Fayetteville.

Nov. 11-13
Contact me for more details

Sacred Pilates:

When I was able to feel my strength was when I was able to see my own beauty.

You may ask what does Pilates have to do with therapy? Well, Pilates is an amazing feedback mechanism for you to learn how to access and be guided by you inner compass. Sacred Pilates takes Pilates core building qualities and dives it deeper in the soul. You will build emotional resilience by understanding the unique language of your body and learn to ride the sensations of your nervous system to completion and release.

Sacred Pilates is more than strengthening your body it’s about strengthening your awareness of what you are aware of in your body as you move. It is deeper, richer awareness of yourself. The reformer is a kind of real time feedback process tuning you into deeper sensations that are trapped deep within, suppressed within your muscles and fibers and promote a flow of energy for whole body relief. You will learn to notice the patterns of resistance, fears and habits you carry in your body and release them. Using the reformer as the base for stability and support helps orient you in time and space as you learn to align your body to your inner strength, trust yourself and gain confidence. You build inner and outer strength as you unite your sensations with awareness of self through breath and movement. Sacred Pilates is an opportunity for you to learn the unique and wise language of your nervous system so your relationship with your body heals and grows.

Co-Creating with The Community

Sustainable change is only possible when we work together.

As we are moving away from what didn’t work and what we didn’t like pre-pandemic we are moving towards more collaboration with renewed energy and intent for real and lasting positive change.
And, I’m all about it! Each month my newsletter share with you someone who is making a difference. By shining light on those who are making a difference in our community, my hope is to inspire you to feel more connected to your community and feel a sense of shared consciousness of goodness.

Sacred Pilates Podcast

Collective Conversations with Jen Carmack

Sacred Pilates was co-created with Jennifer Carmack and I during the Pandemic. We were meeting twice a week and a kind of organic evolution began very influenced by the chaotic change that was happening in our lives and all around us in the world.

There was an emotional response to each somatic movement. As we continued to work together, we noticed how our habitual responses and reactions were revealing themselves in our thoughts about the movements and in our bodies as they responded to the movements. Pilates reveals to you where you are stuck, holding, gripping, resisting and collapsing.

Jen and I were becoming more interested and receiving training in Somatic Experiencing. We began to bring our new awareness and knowledge into our Pilates sessions. We began to focus even more on how our minds and bodies were responding to new challenges, anxieties, fears and new perspectives. As we continued to learn more we applied more to what we were doing in our sessions. Pilates revealed to me the unique language of my nervous systems by slowing down even more the intentional micro movements that are required in Pilates allowing sensations and emotions to join with my body taking Pilates and making it Sacred. Applying Somatic Experiencing to Pilates, we saw the value of using the reformer as a safe container helping meet ourselves with breath and the strength of ease to free ourselves from the negative unhealthy charge that lies within.

Sacred Pilates is about connecting with our bodies not controlling them. It’s about learning from them and learning about them. Many women have been taught to use movement and exercise to control their bodies punishing them into submission losing connection and communication with their body moving them further away from their natural intuitive self.
If you have a negative relationship with movement or exercise and want to be free of punishment oriented movement and want to feel more comfortable with movement Sacred Pilates could help you become more embodied.

Jen lives in Ft. Collins CO and works with Dr. Jackie Fields at The Healing Gardens. Jen is an amazingly gifted artist, yoga teacher and somatic intuitive healer. She also owns Wild Spirit Yoga in Tomball Tx. Check her out on IG: nocowildspirit wildspirityogatx

Check out Collective Conversations a Wild Spirit Podcast on Spotify and iTunes and the Wild Spirit podcast and hear all about how the process of this amazing approach was created and other episodes.

HSP’s & Radical Self Love

HSP’s & Radical Self Love

Nothing is more powerful than the act of turning your Love inward, toward yourself.

Highly Sensitive people are the most human of all humans. Feeling more deeply, sensing more intensely and taking longer to process takes a toll on our nervous systems causing us to feel overwhelmed. Being more sensitive means we are more affected by the feelings we have, making it more difficult to have the energy or feel the worth it requires to care for ourselves.

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Energy Healing: How Reiki Empowers Women

Energy Healing: How Reiki Empowers Women

Women come to see feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Often the givers in their relationships they come to me feeling guilty for not giving even more and confused as to why they feel so unfulfilled. They’ve believed that this way of being would bring them satisfaction and purpose and instead these successful, creative, dedicated and committed women are depleted and on the verge of collapse.

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Therapy for Women

Therapy for Women

The intricate process of womanhood is undeniably beautiful and complicated and what it means to be a woman is different for, well, each woman. What does it mean to you to be a woman? How would you describe what it’s like to be a woman? What does it even mean to you to be a woman?

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