Connect to that deep well of wisdom your body innately carries.

When a woman gets into her body, she begins to feel her emotions tapping her into that feminine natural, empathic, compassionate connection she carries within her.

As we work together, you will learn to approach movement as an explorer, practicing curiosity and mystery of the self.

Somatic Yoga has nothing to do with proper form. It’s not formal, rigid, or serious. Rather than simply doing what is told to you, you are invited to listen to your own internal cues for what feels good in your body to become aware of what is available for you. It reveals your choices as you learn to build personal agency. It’s about getting to know yourself more intimately, increasing your ability and confidence to turn inwards, learning to stay with, not moving away, and abandoning yourself, but meeting yourself in grace.


When I was able to feel my strength, I was able to see my beauty.

The most important thing you learn on our journey to wholeness is that it takes time…

You may ask, what does Pilates have to do with therapy? Well, Pilates is a beautiful way for women to learn to access and be guided by her inner compass and strength.

Somatic Pilates takes Pilates’ core building qualities and dives deeper into the soul. You will build emotional resilience by learning the language of your body and learning to ride the sensations of your nervous system to completion and release.

The Pilates Reformer is a beautiful grounding foundation for building your container. Using the reformer as the base for stability and support helps you to orient yourself in time and space as you learn to align your body to your strength, and trust, to gain confidence in yourself.


Only wear clothes that make you feel good in your body.

As a therapist in recovery from an eating disorder, I share with you the powerful impact of being at war with the externalized image of my body and endlessly analyzing, criticizing, and comparing myself. Feeling separate from my body caused me to control it and distrust it.

Body Image is the picture you hold in your head about your body. Embodiment is how it feels to Be in your body. Body image by nature, is dissociative and disconnecting. It separates you from you. A woman separated from her body is a woman separated from herSelf.

Embodiment helps you experience what it means to live inside your body. To use cues and sensations as guides to further trust your natural and rightful enjoyment of your body. You can learn to live beyond the judgments of your body and embody your divine, unique beauty.

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