Awakening the Divine Feminine

Why is the sacred feminine so important to connect to?

She walks into the room and sits on my couch. As she opens up, she shares with me, what has become a familiar story in my work. She, like so many women, anxious in her complete exhaustion and has lost her-Self. As she shares of the pressure she feels to push herself ever harder in order to succeed, I sit and feel with her the stuck-ness she describes. She is so lost in her mind is so very disconnected from her body and soul. In this disconnection, she, like the other women, express to me how insecure and powerless she is, repressed and constricted by her own overwhelming emotions. She reports being either passive or too aggressive and co-dependent in her relationships. She feels inauthentic, an imposter in her own body.

Together, we will help her recognize and embrace her innate powerful feminine energy. She may be successful but if she feels lost in herself and unable to embrace and feel the power of her divine feminine self success will never be internalized and forever to remain the coveted carrot. A woman who sources her creativity and energy from taking exquisite care of herself is more powerful than one who pushes so hard that she exhausts herself and can no longer access joy and pleasure.

The Divine Feminine is an energy, which means she can’t be seen or heard, but she very much be felt. Shakti means strength — both inner and outer. Connecting to the divine feminine within us is all about slowing down and being with yourself rather than living a life of the continuous labor of doing. Most importantly, it’s about embodying compassion, intuition, creativity and inspiration from their most purest form-from within.

Awaken the Divine Feminine by knowing your SoulSelf 

The Divine Feminine within you is wild, free, and untamed. She ignores the unwritten rules and boundaries that society has constructed for her, as the phoenix she rises above, and paves her own way forward in pursuit of her dreams.

She is unafraid to speak her truth, embraces her sensual nature, and is able to show up fully in her authentic Self. She trusts her intuition, allowing it to guide her. She understands the rhythms and tides of life and trusts that all her needs will be met. She trusts herSelf.


Reiki – the Gift of Receiving

Reiki is a form of energy healing through light and gentle touch. I use my hands to deliver energy to your body, improving the flow, balance and support healing. One of the foundational qualities of Reiki is that it teaches us how to receive. Women are actively encouraged by society to over do, overwork and over give. Busy-ness and productivity are encouraged leaving them depleted and feeling guilt and shame for feeling so unfulfilled. This overdriven oriented giver needs to be able to receive or her light will dim and her energy will wither. The Divine Feminine energy communicates through the body, the emotions and your thoughts. Reiki helps balance the feminine energy and releases energy that feels stuck within and reveals openness and ease in herSelf.

Somatic Yoga
Somatic Experiencing

You are more than a Body
You are the Soul that Lives Within

Embodying the divine feminine is about feeling her power within your bones, muscles and the fibers that make up your physical body. Your body is the meeting place of the physical, emotional, and energetic aspects of self. By using your sensations in mindful movement, you will bring awareness to yourSelf by using your senses to guide you into the well of wisdom your body carries.

Collaboratively, we will use somatic techniques and intentional movement using a felt sense to guide you to hear the answers you seek that lie right within your own body. My work is to support you by being a bridge, an anchor, a constant, to help you connect to these often wounded and vulnerable parts and bring healing and release. By using somatic approaches, you will learn to access your Shakti – your feminine life force energy from the inside out and be guided by her to peace and ease.

Soul Flow is about connecting to the deeper parts of yourSelf as a woman. It’s about accessing your body’s wisdom and learning to trust your own innate intuition. It’s about releasing what no longer serves you and joining with the essence of who you on the inside.

It’s about being in the flow of your whole being mind, body and soul.

HSP’s & Radical Self Love

HSP’s & Radical Self Love

Nothing is more powerful than the act of turning your Love inward, toward yourself.

Highly Sensitive people are the most human of all humans. Feeling more deeply, sensing more intensely and taking longer to process takes a toll on our nervous systems causing us to feel overwhelmed. Being more sensitive means we are more affected by the feelings we have, making it more difficult to have the energy or feel the worth it requires to care for ourselves.

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Change is the reason people seek out therapy.

Change is the reason people seek out therapy.

Hello Loves and Happy Autumn! Cooler mornings and earlier sunsets are showing us that change is in the air. The longer shadows and the thinner air might bring with it a strange sense of nostalgia and a familiar yet strange kind of loneliness. Change is more than the physical differences that are happening, it affects us on a cellular level.

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Energy Healing: How Reiki Empowers Women

Energy Healing: How Reiki Empowers Women

Women come to see feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Often the givers in their relationships they come to me feeling guilty for not giving even more and confused as to why they feel so unfulfilled. They’ve believed that this way of being would bring them satisfaction and purpose and instead these successful, creative, dedicated and committed women are depleted and on the verge of collapse.

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