Embodiment therapy is empowering – soul, body, mind and community.

People often come to me sensing there is more to life than what they are experiencing.  They have a sense there is more to know, understand and feel about their life than a mere existence filled with problems to overcome. They come desiring fulfillment in their life and freedom from the things that inhibit that.

Viewing life as a personal journey to be explored is the driving force that moves my clients forward to a more meaningful existence.  Finding meaning in life is primary to feeling life is worthwhile and valuable.  From our work, it is my hope that you learn to notice, understand and appreciate the intimate connections—the ‘synchronicities’ in your life-the evidence that you matter.


Changing the story you tell yourself about who you are. You will learn how to release the built up charge that lies within your nervous system and move forward with renewed strength.


You can connect to that deep well of wisdom your body carries, learn to let go of what your energetically holding onto and create space to for what you most desire.


Our work together will help you see the choices you are making and help you take action on those decisions so you can create a new way of life that continues to nourish and nurture you.


Connecting with women over the course of 8 weeks. Compassion, empathy and a safe space to work together openly and privately. 

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