Join me monthly for a journey of healing with music as therapy.

 My Approach

I approach my work as an invitation for you to explore and heal any past issues that have continued to trouble you as well as an opportunity to learn ways to experience and express your present life more fully, deeply and with even more meaning.  In essence, it means achieving a better understanding of yourself to help build confidence and increase your capacity for making healthier choices and increase self-direction.  My hope and goal is to help inspire and motivate you to live your life more authentically.

If you are seeking:

– Recovery from an eating disorder (disordered eating, body image)

– Inner child healing (abuse, neglect, bullying)

– Family of origin Issues

– Help with being a Highly Sensitive Person/Empath

– Want to improve your sense of personal authority and self-worth

– Improve your sense of empowerment and self direction

– Wish to increase your emotional, spiritual growth and intuition

– Adapt through a stressful transition in your life

About Jean Dixon LPC

 About Me

As a recovered woman, I have a unique perspective to helping my clients travel the road of recovery, specifically in eating disorders, trauma recovery, food issues, and body image work. I am also I enjoy helping people view their lives as an experience to embrace, not merely to survive. Because I view life as a gift, I feel a deep need to help others learn how to love and experience their lives ever more deeply.

As a sensitive, intuit, I am naturally spiritually oriented and I very much enjoy incorporating my client’s spirit into the work. Because spirituality is linked to one’s path to internal awareness and happiness, I believe the soul is the essence of our existence and thus, spirituality is how we define and describe our connection to each other and to true selves. I attend to the spirit as a means to help my clients understand the meaning to their existence.  I particularly enjoy helping my clients learn to experience synchronicity in their lives, the powerful spiritual connection we have to the world around us.

My hope for my clients is that they achieve confidence in their true authentic selves as they conquer the problems in their lives and face the fears and difficulties they are experiencing.  While working with me, you will experience many opportunities to listen and hear your inner wise self and learn to use it to guide you to your fullest self.

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Currently serving:
Houston area: The Heights, Oak Forest, Garden Oaks, Memorial, Montrose.
The Woodlands: Spring, Tomball, Conroe, Montgomery, Willis.