Embodiment-it is the wholeness of our being…

The living out of the fullness of our capacity.

In truth-

It is the completeness of our healing journey.

My Approach

Hi, I’m Jean and I am an embodiment therapist. Embodiment is the feeling of being at home in your skin and the intimate knowing of your most authentic self.  It is the tangible, visible form of your sacredness and seeing yourself as you truly are.

You will find my approach relational, my style casual, conversational and collaborative.  I am a free spirit who is passionate about empowering women to embody her unique beauty, strength, soul and personal power. 

If you are wondering how you got here, feel as though you have lost yourself somewhere along the way, questioning yourself despite checking all the right boxes  — your deeper self is trying to get your attention.

The Rising Phoenix tattoo on my right inner arm symbolizes the rise from ashes of my own devastation and destruction. I have risen and created a unique therapy practice offering you all that fueled my own flight. Woven together with the threads that guided my own journey of healing and recovery, I offer you what worked for me.

The yogic meaning, ‘to unite’ fits my unique practice.  I have created a practice that unites my experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor, Registered Yoga Teacher-Trauma Informed Trained, Master Level Reiki Practitioner, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Certified Group Psychotherapist, EMDR and Brain-spotting Therapist and Somatic Pilates Trained along with my ongoing 20 + years of personal development, growth, recovery and healing. 

I am passionate about helping women access her source of power for living a rich and meaningful life.  My practice is for women who desire more.  For the woman who wants to tap into her desires but doesn’t know how or is held back by her fears and not connecting to Her authentic self. It’s for the woman who needs to be reminded of who she is and to find her journey back to home.  

While working with me, you will experience many opportunities to listen and draw from your inner well of wisdom and learn to use her to guide you to uncover your process back to you. You will learn the way your body communicates the answers you seek and learn to listen to the truths your body won’t let you ignore.  You will hear your deepest self and learn to follow her lead.

Do you have questions?

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