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Women’s Empowerment Group

“A Woman with a Voice is, by definition, a Strong Woman.”
— Melinda Gates

Journeying through life does not have be done alone. In this group, women are encouraged and supported as they make changes that lead to increased self-esteem, worth and confidence. Learning how to identify, understand and manage difficult emotions, improving communication skills, increasing satisfaction in close, intimate relationships, learning to set and maintain healthy boundaries and overcoming self-destructive thoughts and behaviors are intertwined as women learn to trust and nurture. Members develop deeper connections, by developing awareness of their needs and learning new ways of responding to difficult feelings such as sadness, loss and anger. The journey of group experience is one traveled with support and challenge as, together, the members experience, express, understood, respect and commit to work with one another. As they work with one another, each woman recognizes and learns how to voice her unique journey of and learns ways of responding to herself on a basis of personal meaning rather than relying exclusively on meaning defined by others.


Eating Disorder Recovery Process Groups

What does Recovery Look Like For You?

As group therapy is a foundational part of eating disorder recovery.  This group is an opportunity for individuals to come together to openly discuss issues they are dealing with, and to focus on specific topics related to their eating disorder and recovery.  These groups provide the advantage of interacting with others who are desiring recovery.  This companionship offers each member on going encouragement and support necessary for recovery but also provides additional insight as each member sees their own lives mirrored in others creating a natural opportunity for growth and change.

Consult and Process Group for Therapist

Being our own best client is being our own best therapist.  This group helps members develop or further enhance therapeutic skills within a unique group setting.  As a hybrid case consult and process training group, it is innovative in its ability to sharpen each person’s therapeutic creative skills as a therapist.  Participate and examine group dynamics, parallel process, and explore deeper more fulfilling life as a therapist.  This is an on-going group, open to licensed therapists of all disciplines working in various settings.  This group can also serve for Licensed Professional Counselor Intern hours.

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